đŸĒ™$THROnomics (v1)

Presented below is the initial version 1 of $THRO tokenomics, also referred to as $THROnomics.

We strongly encourage you to review the following information for a comprehensive understanding of our plans for $THRO. However, if time is limited, here's a brief summary (TLDR).


  • Fixed Supply: 1,000,000 tokens

  • Diamond Proxy Token: Configurable and flexible ERC20

  • 5/5 Fees Utilized in the Ecosystem as WETH (Burns, Buybacks, Game Pool, Rewards). Fees will start as 5/10 for a few days after launch.

  • Permanent Burning through In-Game actions and spendings

  • Spendings and Fees Utilized for In-Game Purchases, with the goal of replacing WETH with $THRO as the primary currency in our ecosystem

  • Upon achieving sufficient volume, employing gauging and bribing strategies to enhance liquidity and incentivize Liquidity Providers (LPs) through a multi-rewards farm.

$THRO token distribution

  • 50% treasury as reserve

  • 20% in-game emissions over 6 months

  • up to 15% available for initial liquidity (POL) -depending on raised ETH

  • 15% presale

Buy/Sell taxes

  • At the time of writing, there is a 5% buy tax and a 10% sell tax, which are converted to ETH and sent to treasury. Taxes will be reduced to 5/5 when the Aerodrome gauge launches.

  • The taxes are used to:

    • increase our bribing potential on a future gauge listed on Aerodrome

    • increase our POL (Protocol owned liquidity), which increases the stability of our pair, thus making the cost of playing the game more stable.



$THRO stands out in the realm of DeFi as a truly unique token, distinguished by its status as a Diamond Proxy token. This distinctive feature grants us complete flexibility regarding its evolution over time, allowing $THRO to, for example, seamlessly transition from its initial ERC20 form to an omnichain token with remarkable agility.

As a fixed supply token, $THRO assumes the role of NewThrone's governance token. Holders of $THRO will possess voting rights in decisions pertaining to game features and treasury matters, while players will be mandated to utilize it for in-game transactions.

In its early stages, $THRO will serve as the currency for acquiring consumables and facilitating specific in-game actions, such as username changes and research center resets. However, shortly after its release, $THRO is poised to become the primary medium of exchange within the game. Yes, you read it correctly. We are strategically migrating from using ETH in the game to $THRO.

While ETH served as a valuable asset in our initial months, current market conditions have led to a preference for holding ETH for its future value rather than locking it within the game. The use of ETH initially allowed us to concentrate on building a solid foundation for our game. Transitioning to the full potential of $THRO offers numerous advantages:

  1. Establishment of our governance token.

  2. Potential reduction in transaction costs, including meta-transactions, sponsored transactions, and L2 rollups.

  3. Greater flexibility and control over tokenomics, smart contracts, and the game economy.

  4. Increased community engagement through treasury-owned liquidity.

  5. Facilitation of third-party integrations and partnerships, fostering a more extensive in-game ecosystem.

  6. Implementation of yield-generating strategies.

  7. Enhanced scalability of our ecosystem and contracts.

  8. Reinforcement of brand identity and the creation of a tailored game experience.

  9. Reduced dependency on external factors associated with ETH.

In summary, the transition to $THRO symbolizes a strategic move towards a more dynamic, self-sufficient, and evolved gaming environment.


Following the conclusion of the presale, we recognize the eagerness to utilize your $THRO, and we are committed to expediting the process. Upon completion, we'll need some time to prepare for the official go-live, and we appreciate your patience.

The ETH raised during the presale will be paired with 150,000 $THRO to establish the initial liquidity pool (POL), hosted on https://aerodrome.finance/. Not only is Aerodrome the leading DEX on Base, but they also boast the most dedicated and reputable team within the Base chain ecosystem. We anticipate that, when the time comes for the introduction of gauges and bribes, they will be invaluable partners for our ecosystem.

Once the trading pair is established, and trading is initiated, we will introduce patch v1.1. This patch will encompass in-game $THRO farming and the integration of new $THRO spending options, such as consumables and various in-game actions like resetting the research center or renaming.

Following the implementation of patch v1.1, our focus will shift entirely to the development and release of v1.2. In this phase, $THRO will become the exclusive token within our ecosystem. This transition will not only drive increased demand but also empower us to have full control over the dynamics of supply and demand. We are dedicated to a smooth and efficient rollout of these developments to enhance the overall user experience within our ecosystem.


Players will be rewarded with $THRO based on their experience points, a straightforward system designed to incentivize active participation rather than large financial transactions. This approach aims to prioritize the engagement of dedicated players over those who merely move large sums in and out of the game. As a result, players will naturally hold a significant portion of the circulating $THRO.

To support this strategy, the game will receive 20% of the $THRO supply, distributed over a span of six months. This distribution aligns with the understanding that players will require $THRO for in-game transactions. The intentional pacing of supply distribution not only reduces selling pressure on the token but also introduces potential buying pressure as players seek additional $THRO for in-game purchases. This thoughtful balance contributes to a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem for both players and the overall token economy.

  • The allocation of 20% for in-game emissions over six months results in 1,111 $THRO daily.

  • Considering an average daily consumption of $50 (as of the current moment), this implies a significant amount of $THRO being directed to the treasury. In fact, this accounts for 27% of the total game emissions, and this calculation excludes any burning resulting from transaction volume.

This comprehensive breakdown underscores the strategic allocation and utilization of $THRO across liquidity, in-game emissions, and the treasury, contributing to a well-balanced and dynamic token ecosystem.

The 5/5 Fees will be utilized in the Ecosystem as WETH (Burns, Buybacks, Game Pool, Rewards). Fees will start as 5/10 for a few days after launch.


As outlined in the introduction, the transition to $THRO as the exclusive in-game token brings numerous advantages. Players will buy Troops, Buildings, Consumables and pay fees in $THRO. This shift not only enhances demand for $THRO but also provides us with greater flexibility and scalability. While ETH served as a pivotal asset during the initial phase, enabling us to concentrate on building a robust foundation for NewThrone, our stable core now allows us to expand our strategic horizons.

Considering recent market dynamics, ETH proves valuable for its long-term potential, while lower market cap tokens like $THRO are well-suited for short-term utility and the potential for significant value increases. While it is relatively easy to picture the game fully using $THRO, this transition prompts several pertinent questions, including:

  1. How will salvaging operate?

  2. What is the methodology for calculating ROI/Rewards during migration?

  3. How can the current game pool be transferred to $THRO?

  4. Does this imply the ability to manipulate $THRO's price for profit through salvaging and strategic buying?

Acknowledging the fast-paced nature of DeFi, responses may evolve due to unforeseen factors. At present, here are our best answers:

  1. Salvaging is determined by the proportion of total investments to total rewards claimed. This straightforward mechanism can be easily adapted for use with $THRO. Players who opt not to migrate and haven't received their base 90% back (investment - 10% to treasury - rewards claimed) may be offered a redemption period, covering the total spent (including troops + buildings) - 10% to treasury - total rewards claimed.

  2. For those choosing to stay after migration, a custom system will convert in-game variables from ETH to $THRO. The conversion will consider the most advantageous price for players between the current and launch prices of $THRO.

  3. Options for transferring the current game pool to $THRO include withdrawing ETH, buying $THRO at market price, and injecting $THRO into the game pool in place of ETH. Alternatively, withdrawing ETH from the game pool, using half to buy from the market, pairing for a deeper POL, and utilizing $THRO from the treasury to supplement the game pool are potential strategies. Retaining ETH in the treasury and farming with it for a more robust treasury + revenue, using $THRO from the treasury to top up the game pool, is another viable option. We will decide which option fits us the best when time comes.

  4. Yes, intentional strategies allow for flexibility in $THRO's price movement. A continuous upward trajectory is not favorable for new players or those with smaller entries. Players are encouraged to capitalize on opportunities to salvage for profit and acquire troops at more favorable prices.


In conclusion, the strategic shift to make $THRO the exclusive in-game token represents a significant leap forward for our ecosystem. This transition not only promises heightened demand for $THRO but also provides a foundation for increased flexibility and scalability. Leveraging the lessons learned from the initial use of ETH, which allowed us to build a solid foundation for NewThrone, we are now well-positioned to diversify our strategies and capitalize on the unique strengths of $THRO.

The various elements outlined, including the gamified presale, incentivized player rewards, and the meticulous approach to migration, collectively contribute to a robust and dynamic gaming environment. The calculated distribution of $THRO across liquidity, in-game emissions, and the treasury reflects a comprehensive strategy aimed at fostering sustainable growth.

Furthermore, the thoughtful consideration given to questions surrounding salvaging, migration, and game pool management underscores our commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding experience for players. With a focus on player-centric strategies, the potential for profitable opportunities within the game is evident. The ability for players to engage in salvaging for profit, coupled with the calculated use of $THRO within the ecosystem, creates an environment where players can strategically navigate market dynamics and enhance their gaming experience.

As the dynamic nature of DeFi unfolds, we remain agile and adaptable, poised to optimize strategies for the benefit of our dedicated community. This comprehensive approach, coupled with the unique features and incentives embedded in our ecosystem, positions NewThrone and $THRO for sustained success, making it an exciting and potentially lucrative venture for all participants.

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