💰Reward System

In this sacred realm, the avenues to wealth and prosperity are twofold:

  1. Embrace unstealable rewards: 200,000 THRO (20% of the supply) is distributed to players over 6 months based on their experience and level in game.

  2. Enter the Game and Reap THRO Rewards: As you embark on your journey, investing THRO shall be your vessel to amassing greater riches. With each venture, you shall harvest THRO in abundance, like a diligent farmer tending to a bountiful field.

Game Rewards

To earn THRO in the game, recruit Troops to acquire Shares. Cyber Warrior Troops are your key to stealing THRO from others. Ownership of Warriors, Defenses, or specific Upgrades grants you Shares in the pool. Your THRO rewards are based on your Share holdings relative to other players and the Game pool balance, refreshed with each passing second.

Every time a player spends THRO in the game, the THRO is split and:

  • 90% goes to the Game pool (subject to changes)

  • 10% goes to the Treasury for investments, expenses, and salaries (subject to changes)

As a player, the game bestows THRO rewards upon you through two sacred channels:

  • Continuous THRO Earnings: THRO flows into your coffers every second, its quantity determined by the number of shares you possess. These rewards emanate from the Game pool's boundless reservoir.

  • Attacks: Engage in audacious raids to pilfer THRO from other players, which shall be stored in your vault of unclaimed THRO . These treasures await your command until the moment you choose to claim them as your own.

Calculation of daily rewards for a player

dailyPlayerTHRO = (pool balance / total shares / runway) * playerShares

Pool balance: The amount of THRO in the Game pool

Total Shares: The total amount of shares in the game

Runway in days: Default to 90 (customizable). The runway allows the rewards to slowly increase or decrease based on the health of the pool.

Player Shares: The total amount of shares a player has

Can I claim forever?

Configurable, there's a threshold to MAX profit. The default value is 200% of your deposits.

For instance, should you invest 10 THRO in Cyber Warriors, your ultimate reward from the Game pool shall be capped at 20 THRO , yielding a profit of 10 THRO . When timed astutely, this profit can indeed ascend to significant heights in terms of monetary value.

Once you attain this threshold, your conquests may continue as you plunder fellow players and claim their THRO . However, the continuous THRO rewards from the pool shall cease. To reclaim your eligibility for these rewards, you may choose to bolster your forces by acquiring more Troops, thereby increasing your shareholdings. In this ever-evolving saga, the power to determine your destiny rests firmly in your hands.

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