✅TLDR: How to start?

You just landed here and are wondering "How do I start playing??"


  • Players can purchase Troops, upgrade buildings, and attack other players to steal their unclaimed THRO.

  • All purchases are made in THRO. 10% goes to treasury, 90% stays in game pool.

  • Your earn THRO by attacking other players, or simply holding troops.

What are Troops?

Troops are the in-game units that you can purchase.

The 3 types of troops:

  • Attack, which gives shares + attack power + luck points.

  • Defense, which gives shares + defense power + luck points.

  • Upgrade, which gives shares + extra perks.

How to earn money?

By holding Troops (shares), you automatically get THRO every seconds based on your share of the pool. You can also attack other players, which consist of your attack power versus their defense power. The luck points give both players a dice roll that boost attack and defense power. Player with the bigger score of attack versus defense wins. If attacker wins, steals THRO. If defender wins, nothing is lost.

What are buildings?

Building are in-game elements that changes how fast you can play. We have 4: Excavator, how often you can claim, Garage, how fast you can attack, Research Center, allowing you to customize your strategy and improve your statistics, Robbery School, how much you can steal when winning an attack. Building don't give shares, but increase your max ROI.

Profit taking?

Max ROI of 200%. Once you reach 200% of your deposits, you can still attack other players and steal their rewards. How to profit even more? Our referral program rewards you 2.25% of all your referees purchases, no cap, not linked to your deposits or max ROI. THRO is sent right away to your wallet on each purchase

Our recommendation:

Based on your budget, start by recruiting 1 cyborg and 1 fence. Earn from the pool, attack other players. Get familiar with the game and then, buy more based on your strategy.

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