What are Troops?

Troops are your faithful companions in this cosmic battle, each possessing unique abilities to serve your cause. Within the ranks, you shall find three distinct types:

  1. Cyber Warriors: These valiant souls wield the power of Attack. Harness their might to assail fellow players and liberate their unclaimed THRO. In return for your valor, Warriors shall bestow upon you shares, granting you the continuous flow of THRO rewards.

  2. Cyber Defenses: Sentinels of fortitude, Cyber Defenses are your bulwark against those who seek to plunder your unclaimed THRO. With their unwavering Defense Power, they shield your treasures from the hands of would-be thieves. In their service, they too grant you shares, ensuring a steady stream of THRO rewards.

  3. Cyber Upgrades: These celestial blessings bestow additional boons upon your account. Employ Cyber Upgrades to gain advantages in both offense and defense within the game. Some of these Upgrades offer shares, while others do not. Whenever you seek to enlist their aid, the user interface shall unveil the particulars of their offerings. Choose wisely, for your choices shall shape the destiny of your cosmic voyage.

You can salvage Warriors and Defense to get your THRO back. When salvaging, the amount of THRO you get back is:

totalSpentInTroops - 10% treasury fee - totalClaimed

How to recruit Troops?

To recruit Troops, navigate to the second tab, named "Troops".

  1. Select the type of Troop (Warriors, Defenses or Upgrades) you want to recruit based on your strategy.

  2. Select the troop by clicking on the icons,

  3. Select the amount,

  4. Press "Add to Cart".

  5. When ready, at the top of the screen, you'll need to approve (MAX LIMIT is best so you don't have to approve every time again), then press " Recruit".

Make sure to read the statistics of each tier before recruiting, and to have enough THRO in your wallet. The total cost of THRO is shown in your cart.

Troop Statistics

In NewThrone, there are 3 main statistics:

  • Attack Power: Defines your attack power during attacks

  • Defense Power: Defines your defense power while being attacked

  • Luck: Represent a dice roll during attacks and defenses. If you have 5 luck points, your dice roll will be between 0 and 5.

Particular Troops & Upgrades

  • Hydra: this troop gives you shares, luck and defense power. These Defense Power points, however, will not be displayed to your enemies when they plan on attacking you, unless they own a "Radar" research.

  • Blood of Ares: this troop gives shares, luck and attack power; it gives a considerable bonus of attack! It boosts the Attack power of ALL your Demi Gods.

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